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Done WITH You Blogging and Social Media

Daily Social Media and Blogging support so your ideal customers and clients can find you on the web.

What's Included

Blogging Course

Learn how to do your pinpoint your ideal client, discover the keywords they use when they search for you, how to write an editorial calendar, and then how to blog (don't worry, it isn't as scary as you think it is!

Social Media Course

Understand the culture of each social media platform, how to set-up and optimize each account, and then how to write great social media posts so your ideal clients can find you.

Daily Support

Every day (Monday-Friday) you receive an email with detailed instructions on activities to help you build your social media presence. There are prompts and ideas to keep your posts fresh as well as time management pointers.

Jennifer Gardella, PhD

Your Social Media Expert

Do you need a social media consultant?

Jennifer Gardella, Ph.D. is Your Social Media Expert. For 10 years she had helped small business owners position their endeavor on LinkedIn, Facebook, Google My Business, Twitter, and Instagram.

Dr. Gardella created Your Social Media Hour when she realized a need for small business owners who want to do their own social media but do not have the time to learn what to do on each platform or figure out how to get organized.

Jennifer's is an expert blogging and social media consultant who is here to give you ALL of the details and instruction you need to build a significant digital footprint so your ideal clients and customers can easily find you.

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